Wars Cause The Wounds & The Love Heals Them- A Touching Story of Syrian Kittens


The whole world witnessed vast devastation in Syria during the war. The entire country faced massive destruction, humans were killed and injured. The condition of the animals was even worse than humans, especially the kittens who were wandering hungry and unprotected in various towns of Syria.

Such an unfortunate condition occurred due to the mass migration of Syrian residents in search of a safe place. They had to leave behind their pet kittens in their homes like orphans.

The Silver-lining

Wars bring bad experiences for everyone. But every bad incidence brings some good with it. In Syria, it was no different, particularly for the kittens. On one hand, the war was terrifying and full of brutality for the felines, on the other hand, they also experienced love and kindness.


Well, let’s have a glance!

Shelter Made by the Cat-man in Aleppo

During the war when everybody was searching for shelter, there was a man who was helping the children and kitten boldly and trying to provide them all kinds of comforts. His name was Alaa Mohammad Aljaleel who is now more famously known as the Cat-man of Syria.

Alaa made Cat sanctuary to provide shelter to these innocent kittens. He took extra care of the kittens and other wandering animals. He also started to educate the children to help the animals.

Magnanimous Behavior of FSA

During the war, FSA (Free Syrian Army) was very kind towards the kittens and other animals, They provided food to them and also offered medical aids to the injured kittens. When Assad’s force was bombarding continuously and abusing humans and animals badly, FSA men were taking care of the animals with utter kindness.

One of the community blogs namely ‘FSA Kitten’ also publicized the FSA fighters’ kindness through the Tumbler blog. Thousands of FSA fighters’ photos with kittens were shared on this blog.

Seeking Attention on Social Media

On a Facebook Page named Lens Young Homsi, a team of four dedicated photographers made a documentary on the devastation of various towns of Syria during the war. They also published photos of the conditions of Syrian cats. Homsi attracted huge attention from the world for the Syrian kittens on the social media platform.

Many cat lovers came forward for help and lots of fundraising activities were carried out for the rehabilitation of these kittens.

Final Words

War conditions like Syria are a curse for innocent citizens and mute animals. Although Syrian Kittens had lost almost everything in the war; the kinds of FSA, Alaa, and Homsi have brought new hopes in their lives.

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