The Heart-touching Bond Between the Syrian Dog Amira & the Kitten Junior

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In the Syrian war, everyone has suffered from never-ending sorrows and grief. Almost everyone lost their dear ones in the war. Animals have also suffered unimaginably. With time both animals and humans are trying to settle down in their own way. Amidst these settlements, there is a heart-touching real life-story of the friendship and love between Amira & Junior.

Story of the Friendship Between Amira & Junior

When everyone in Syria was suffering from continuous bombarding and searching for a safe place, stray animals also wandered here and there. Cat-man Alaa Mohammad Aljaleel who presently runs a cat sanctuary was helping children and kittens to move to a safe place. Amira, a pregnant stray dog was also one of these wandered animals frightened by these terrifying conditions of war. The Cat-man carried Amira to his cat sanctuary.

Unfortunately, Amira lost her offspring and was filled with sorrow. But after meeting Juinor, a stray kitten in the cat sanctuary, Amira overcame her grief and developed an unbroken bond with Junior.

Sharing & Caring

After meeting with Junior, Amira found her a surrogate baby. Amira and Junior both play together and enjoy their stay in the sanctuary. This is an inseparable friendship between the two of them. Sometimes Junior sits on Amira’s back. This makes Amira very happy. In fact, you can see a smile on her face.

They eat together, play together, and explore new things together. Although they have experienced hardship and tragedy it does not stop them from enjoying each other’s company.

They both have created a long-lasting bond with each other which none can break.

A Hit Pair in Socia Media Platform

The photographs of these cute partners made many people cry. These photos created a huge fan following for Amira & Juinor. Many pet lovers helped NGOs in fundraising activities for rehabilitation of the pet and stray animals through social media platforms. Like Alaa, some other social workers are also involved in helping innocent children and animals. The relationship between Amira and Junior shows the whole world that despite wars and destruction,  love is still the most powerful force in this world.

Final Words

If animals can show this much love for each other then why can’t we humans show the same love towards fellow beings? War is not the solution to any problem. We should understand the adverse effects of this killing war situation and the pitiable conditions of these innocent animals. The feeling of love and care shown by Amira and Junior is a lesson to the entire mankind. But the big question is, “Are we ready to learn?”