SRCC Director Delivers a Speech at the Oslo Freedom Forum

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Monajed’s speech was part of a session titled “In a Different Light,”

The Oslo Freedom Forum was held between 7-10 May, 2012 and addressed violations of freedoms and human rights in the world by sharing, listening and highlighting the experiences of participants. The Executive Director of the Strategic Research and Communication Centre, Ausama Monajed, presented an overview of the Syrian Revolution in terms of its objectives, stages, and developments on the ground. He also addressed the vital role citizens play in delivering reports from the ground to the world and framing public opinion regarding the Syrian Revolution. Some of the world’s top journalists, policymakers, philanthropists, innovators, opinion makers and others came together at the 2012 Oslo Freedom Forum.

Monajed delivered an interactive speech that included a presentation of images from the ground and a description of the horrors taking place in Syria. He also presented a timeline for the most important incidents since the spark of the revolution that confirm the demands of the Syrian people in attaining freedom and justice and a thrive to build a new Syria with equal opportunities and where citizens are treated on an equal basis before the law. In his speech, titled “Syria’s Long Night,” he addressed the and how citizen journalism and technology ensure that the flow of information leaving the country remains uninterrupted.

Monajed’s speech was part of a session titled “In a Different Light,” which featured experiences by leaders from diverse backgrounds and their attempts to raise awareness on human rights violations, humanitarian crises, and framing public opinion.