Plight Of Helpless And Innocent Kittens In Syrian War


Everyone was frightened due to the continuous bombardment in Syria. They were searching for safe places to hide. 32 years old Salah Jaar was also struggling to find a shelter. But he was not alone in that place. 5-6 kittens were also there with him and were feeling terrified like Salah.

The town of Kafr Nabl in Syria is now a new shelter for kittens. They are more in numbers than humans and both are providing comfort to each other.

The population of Human vs Kitten in Syria’s towns

Before the war, more than 40,000 people lived in Kafr Nabil. But suddenly the population reduced to even less than one hundred. Almost all the people left their homes for safety and left their kittens behind. In their search for food and shelter, the kittens gathered around the home of the residents who stayed back in the town. Now, more than a dozen cats live with each family. And in some families counting is even more!

Kittens affection towards their saviors

Some of the bengal cat are extremely affectionate towards their saviors. They eat with them, move out with them, and even sleep by their side. They are closely attached to each other.

When any of the family members leave, some of them greet them with a melodious meow and some of them screech in their sharpest tones. They walk out with family members and bring some new kittens with them.

Sharing & Caring

People and british shorthair for sale are living together affectionately in Syria. They faced the same terrifying situation during bombarding.

Salah says that they all are one family now. Kittens are very special partners in their lives.

He says that they share their food with the bengal cats. Whatever they eat, kittens also eat the same food whether it is vegetable, bread, or even maggie.

Salah tells that kittens also got injured during continuous bombarding like others. Regardless of the medicine shortage, they put every effort into taking care of the kittens. He accepts that in this trying situation they both need each other and both feel very secure in each other’s company.

Final Thoughts

Kittens are already very affectionate pets. In this frightening situation of war and bombarding all over the town, a strong bond between people and pets has developed that no one can easily break. This true story is really thought-provoking and raises so many questions about humanity. Can we really call the war an act of humanity or we should learn from the likes of Salah to understand the real meaning of humanity and follow their path of love and affection?

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