Kittens in Syria Witnessing War and Love


In the Syrian war, kittens and other animals faced the maximum atrocities. The towns were almost empty as almost people left their homes in search of a safe place leaving behind their pets. Assad’s force continuously showed cruelty by killing children, torturing animals, and brutally beating elders.

FSA Kittens: A Web Community to Support Syrian Kittens

Amid the vandalism, Mahmoud, a resident of Atlanta saw a report about the kind-heartedness of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters. An August 2012 Guardian report showed the warmth and affection of these fighters towards the wandering kittens. FSA was an active rebel force who was fighting against the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad.

Mahmoud noticed that unlike  Assad’s force, the behavior of FSA fighters was very soft and kind towards the strayed animals. He decided to publicize the FSA fighters’ generous efforts in taking care of the homeless kittens. Mahmoud also wanted to spread the message of how much better this FSA force is for Syria compared to Assad’s rule. To draw the world’s attention towards Syrian kittens he started the FSA Kittens community blog on Tumblr.

What is FSA Kitten?

FSA Kitten is a Tumbler blog that collects photographs of the FSA fighter with kittens. After getting huge success on Tumbler he started the same activity on Facebook, as well. The blog FSA Kitten is purely dedicated to Syrian kittens’ survived during the war in Assad’s regime. They received many posts related to the kittens including some well-made documentaries.

More Messages of Love on other Social Media Platforms

Lens Young Homsi is a team of four persons dedicated to documenting. They run a Facebook page which has a huge following of 100,000 people. They have big cat-photo work. The group was documenting the ravages of war and petty conditions of the kittens due to this never-ending war situation in Syria.

Apart from cat-photos, they were also covering the devastation of Homs due to constant bombardment by the forces of Assad for almost 500 days. Group members produced the photo by using both documentary and artistic style to show the areas of the city that were still in good condition and some that were completely destroyed. Each photo is accompanied by some positive message to spread love and affection towards fellow human beings and animals.

Final Thoughts

Wars leave indelible marks for several generations to remember its atrocities and devastations. However, there are individuals or a group of kind-hearted people like the FSA fighters, Mahmoud or Lens Young Homsi who don’t lose heart and leave a bigger mark by continuing to spread the message of love and affection amidst these war situations.

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