Damascus Volcano Erupts, What’s Next?

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In response to the escalating massacres that followed the suspension of the UNSC Observers mission, Free Syrian Army (FSA) Joint Command official spokesman, General Qassem Saad Eddin, announced the commencement of the Damascus Volcano operation to bring the fight to the regime’s doors in the capital. The operation was initiated on a limited scale; however, it expanded after the third day when most of the rebels and militias of the capital and surrounding areas joined the fight, triggering hundreds of defections that empowered the ranks of revolutionaries.

Regime forces deployed Republican Guard units in the capital and shelled many central neighbourhoods with helicopters, while heavy clashes were reported all over the capital. State-run media outlets reported the news of the assassination of members of the cell tasked with tackling the revolution in an explosion that targeted their meeting hall today. However, the demise of the members of the cell was confirmed late May, and the announcement came only to justify the shelling of the capital, and to urge pro-regime sectarian militias to take to the streets. Pro-regime militias did answer the call and have started attacking civilians in anti-Assad neighbourhoods; more than 34 civilians so far.

The news of the Damascus skirmishes has already caused hundreds of defections all over the country. If the rebels possess enough ammunition to carry on the fight for a couple more weeks, the Assad regime might just be toppled solely due to the landslide defections taking place all over the country. The regime is expected to intensify and escalate its military operations and militia committed massacres with the coming of the month of Ramadan, which will see an escalation of revolutionary activities.