Cat Man And the Syrian Kittens


In Syria, during the war, everybody was losing something or the other every day,  but children and animals (especially kittens) were the main victims of this war.

In this critical situation, one man is there who is continuously helping children as well as kittens and other animals in every aspect- Alaa Mohammad Aljaleel who is also known as the cat man of Aleppo.

He made a sanctuary for kittens, that was featured in a heart touching video on BBC. He does not only help the children to heal their traumas and fear but also educate them to be kind towards the animals.

About Mohammad Aljaleel

During his childhood, Alaa was always fond of kittens. He was always taking care of the british shorthair kittens although it was not allowed to keep the pets in Syria. Alaa always wanted to be a fireman like his father because he was interested to perform rescue operations.

At 13 he started working as an electrician. Afterward, he performed many jobs like a painter and IT expert and also sold toys to neighboring  Lebanon. Out of his love towards the cats he had developed a cat sanctuary in Aleppo with 180 cats living together harmoniously.

Rescue Efforts

At the final stages of the siege of Aleppo, Alaa faced a catastrophe. His cat sanctuary was destroyed by the bomb explosion and then fumed with chlorine-gas. All his kittens were killed or lost due to continuous bombardment, Alaa got trapped in one place. He only helplessly watched the act of sheer brutality but could not do anything.

Regardless of so many hurdles, he kept his calmness and joviality. He spent time with elderly people in the old age shelter homes. He equally helped Muslims as well as Christians. Some of the extremist groups called him a kaafir but he never stopped.

Building the New Kitten Sanctuary

Alaa established a new british shorthair cat sanctuary in Kafr Naham in the countryside west of Aleppo.  He raised funds for the new sanctuary through various social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Many cat lovers generously donated towards the noble cause.

This new sanctuary is bigger than the previous one. Many dogs and rabbits accompany Alaa and his kittens. They also have monkeys. A chicken and one thoroughbred horse from Arabs are also part of the lovely family. All the animals are called by their names given by Alaa.

Final Thoughts

War is not a solution to any problem. It gives everyone unforgettable pain and fear, especially children and animals. The warmth and affection shown by the likes of Alaa is a silver lining that keeps our hopes of a peaceful world alive.

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