Mission Statement

For many years Syria has remained largely hidden from the spotlight of both international media and academia. The number of detailed studies about Syria does not reflect the country’s status as an influential player in the Middle East. The total number of publicly available studies on Syria focusing on the period 1919-2007 does not exceed 114. Consequently, debates on Syria have been internal discussions driven by ideological issues and not by unbiased information and research.

The studies originating in the West, though valuable, often can be enhanced by the finer points of Middle East politics and society. A nuanced understanding can be achieved when Western intellectual rigour is married with on-the-ground knowledge and data-gathering abilities of locals. The Strategic Research and Communication Centre will engage with Syrian academics and researchers in order to produce more home-grown policy research.

Raw data from political, socio-economic and strategic studies will be made available to decision makers, reporters, journalists and academics who deal with Syrian issues. The centre will also be examining data and creating reports and papers by in-house researchers on topical issues. These reports will be widely disseminated to the public.

The centre’s research will concentrate on giving a better understanding of the socio-economic fabric and realities of Syrian society. There will be attempts to give an awareness of facts surrounding everyday life in Syria. Our objective is a better informed public discussion of Syria which can influence the agenda of decision makers.